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Dentures that are beautiful, functional, comfortable, & affordable? Yes, please!

When you are looking for a removable solution for missing teeth, dentures may be the way to go.  Our staff works with the best dentures lab technicians in the state to ensure you get an option that fits comfortably and helps you look your best.  Our team is very detail-oriented and will look out for any small problems that may cause your dentures not to fit properly.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Dr. Gleave and his staff will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns to help you determine if dentures are the best option for your specific situation, and if so, what option is the best.  Currently, we offer:

  • Conventional full upper and lower dentures
  • Partial dentures: With this option, some teeth remain and give the partial dentures something to clasp onto.  This option tends to be more stable and secure. These dentures can have metal clasps or can be metal free to improve their appearance
  • Temporary dentures: This is something patients tend to use while they are waiting for a more permanent solution.  Temporary dentures can either be full dentures or small dentures for just a few teeth.
  • Implant Dentures: These dentures attach to existing implants or new implants that have been placed after the denture was made.

What can I expect when getting dentures?

Typically the process of getting dentures takes 2-4 weeks depending on the situation and the type of dentures selected.  The basic process of making dentures is as follows:

  • Initial Impressions
  • Final Impressions
  • Wax bite registration
  • Wax try in
  • Final try in
  • Delivery of completed dentures

This procedure is typically not painful.  If any teeth need to be extracted, we will use anesthetics, nitrous oxide, and Valium if necessary.

How can I make sure my dentures stay looking great?

Just like regular teeth, dentures need to be brushed daily.  This prevents staining and helps eliminate bacteria. In addition, rinsing your dentures after a meal and soaking them overnight can help them keep their shape.  If you have any other questions about denture maintenance please ask Dr. Gleave.

How much do dentures cost?

Our staff strives to make sure that any dental procedure is as financially feasible as possible.  Be sure to ask our receptionists about financial assistance such as cash discounts, senior citizen discounts, and special offers.

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