Keep Your Teeth In Mind This Thanksgiving: 3 Foods To Be Aware Of

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and family members. However, it is also a time full of eating, and although it is okay to splurge every now and then, it is still important to remember the impact it will have on your teeth. To help you keep your teeth in top form, here is a list of 3 foods you should be careful with at your Thanksgiving Day feast this year!

1. Sugary Foods

‘Tis the season for pie and sweets, but those sweets can weaken or harm your teeth. To stay healthy this Thanksgiving, go easy on the sweets (though no one can say no to a slice of perfect pie).

2. Starch

Starchy foods can be as hard on your teeth as sugars. So if potato chips are on your Thanksgiving Day menu, consider avoiding them for healthier options!

3. Popcorn

There is nothing quite like caramel corn, but as delicious as it is, it can invite some major bacteria into your mouth. Steer clear of a popcorn overload this year if you want to have a tooth-friendly Thanksgiving Day! This holiday is a great time for delicious food, so don’t think you have to avoid the feast altogether. Just remember to brush and floss after your meal, and you should make it through the season unscathed!

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