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What is a cavity?

Cavities are among the most common types of decay seen by oral health professionals. They occur on the hard, outer surface of the tooth known as the enamel. Though cavities start off small, they can quickly grow and cause more serious health issues. By learning how to recognize a cavity’s symptoms, you can prevent costly and more intensive treatments for a long-lasting smile. If you think you may have a cavity or want to schedule an appointment, click the button below.


What causes cavities?

Cavities form when decay on the tooth’s surface slowly eats away at the enamel, creating a hole that can continually grow larger. Most often, the source of the decay is lingering bacteria and food particles from eating and drinking. The longer food and bacteria remains on the tooth, the higher the risk of decay forming and spreading. This is why a proper oral hygiene regimen is essential.

While poor oral hygiene is generally the first culprit for cavities, the following may also increase your risk for decay:

  • High consumption of sugary snacks and drinks
  • Smoking and tobacco use
  • Certain medications and illnesses

Understanding how cavities are caused can greatly improve your ability to prevent them. Schedule a cleaning with us today to keep your teeth healthy and clean.​

What are the symptoms of cavities?

Recognizing cavities early, when they are still small, allows you to get the attention you need and deserve. One of the most important reasons for visiting the dentist regularly is to ensure your teeth are free of decay and to catch damage as early as possible. However, you can be instrumental in securing your own oral health watching for tooth decay at home.

Some of the common symptoms of cavities include:

  • Dark spots on the surface of your teeth
  • Pain when biting down or chewing food
  • Increased tooth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold temperatures
  • Swelling in the gums
  • Darkening or discoloration of an entire tooth

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, contact Dr. Barton Gleave today! Not only should the tooth be examined, but our team can also provide you with information on how to care for your tooth and alleviate any pain before you make it into the office.

Cavities may be common, but they are also easily treated. If caught in time, cavities can often be treated in a single visit. When you learn to recognize cavities, you take another step towards ensuring your smile stays happy and healthy for life. To schedule an appointment with our highly rated service call (801)-758-2901 or fill out the form below.

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Today was my first trip to see Dr. Gleaves and his staff. They were very friendly and efficient. No BS and didn’t try to shove services down my throat. I went for a cleaning at a different dental clinic that ruined my front teeth with ugly stains which I had never had prior to that visit. Dr. Gleaves’ hygienist was able to remove the stains very successfully. They gave me a treatment plan for other problems with my teeth and a very generous pricing plan. Will go back for sure.

Nicholas Kontgas

Excellent dentist, excellent office! The office staff are great and efficient, my Hygienist did a great job and explained a few things she does and why she does them, and Dr. Gleave was just great! Though this was my first time at this office, he seems like a doctor who takes a “middle” approach to treatment, meaning he’s not going to do too much treatment and more than is needed, but also won’t under treat. Love it!

Jenica Konzak

Dr. Bart and his staff are wonderful!
I actually look forward to my dental appointments!

Donna Griggs

Dr Bart Gleave goes above and beyond the role of a regular dentist. He’s a genuinely caring and kind man, besides being a great dentist. I suffer from “dental” anxiety, which makes visiting the dentist difficult. He explains what needs to be done and then calls after each visit to check on me. His staff is always helpful, kind & friendly. Dr Gleave and his staff are definitely caring professionals and I’m grateful for their service to me and my family. See you all in 6 months. Smile!